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Maximize Efficiency with a Core Set of Powerful Tools.


The Path System can leverage a proprietary, machine-learning, algorithm to optimize slot position based on user data, metadata, and revenue reporting.

Custom Routing

Predefined routes traffic users according to business logic.


Path configuration can be changed based on time of day, day of week or day of month.

A/B Testing

Impression based position testing vs. the optimization algorithm or statically configured paths.

Consolidated Reporting

Global path eCPMs in a centralized reporting interface.

Time Zone Normalization

Site usage and revenue reports are normalized to the client’s server time.

One-Click Partner Integration

A client needs only a placement/partner ID to automatically generate a new midpath implementation.

Drag/Drop Path Reconfiguration

Updating page order is done in the GUI and changes are reflected in real-time.

Timeout Validation

Pages will automatically be skipped if a partner server fails to respond. 

Web Hooks

Clients can call custom scripts based on user interactions.

Ad Block Detection

The Path System has built in Ad Block detection and can route users based on the presence/absence of that software.

Data Append

The system can leverage third-party databases to append missing fields. 


Simple pricing. No hidden fees.

TIER 1 $1,500 250,000 IMPRESSIONS


TIER 2 $2,000 500,000 IMPRESSIONS


TIER 3 $2,500 750,000 IMPRESSIONS


TIER 4 $3,000 1,000,000 IMPRESSIONS



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